kitchen confessions: why i hate wednesday

why i hate wednesdays

Wednesday.  It’s the day after Tuesday and the day before Thursday.  What’s the big deal about it anyway?  Well, Wednesday is considered the most productive day of the week, deemed: Wine-down Wednesday, and the notorious, hump day…halfway to Friday!!  Not so bad, right?  Well, let me just tell you why I hate it:

MY ALARM DOESN’T WAKE ME UP ANYMORE!!  My body protests getting up in the morning, even though I get a healthy 6-8 hrs of sleep most nights.  I’m not a morning person and my bed is just. so. comfortable. But on Wednesdays, it seems like I’m super glued to the sheet and my head is made of concrete.  I swear those tiny people, the borrowers, exist and they insist on lounging on my eyelids for maximum cushiness and quality time!!  So yeah, I’m dragging.

WHAT THE HECK IS THERE TO PACK FOR LUNCH?? I pack lunches every morning and by Wednesday I’m usually low on bread, snacks, and juice boxes.  It seems like I’m scrambling every week, and I should know better by now, but nope.  Who doesn’t like a hearty mix of raisins, marshmallows, frosted shredded wheat, and tic-tacs?  And the crumbs at the bottom of the chip bag is cool, right?  Well, I may be exaggerating, but I did have my parents here one morning and my mother said: “You don’t pack veggies and fruit??”  Ummm…it’s WEDNESDAY!!!!

THE WEEK IS PLAYING TAG AND I’M ALMOST IT: The week can be a jerk and not catch up with us so nicely.  Most times, instead of a sweet nudge, like “Hey sweetie, you might want to carve out a little ‘you’ time, and make the girl’s do breathing exercises when they get home from school to decompress.”  The week sneaks up on you all stealth ninja creeper like and BLAM-O, out of nowhere, you are yelling at the kids, the girls are melting down all over the place, the mess and clutter magnifies a kajillion times, and you find yourself twitching in a corner, wondering what the heck just happened?!?  And just 2 minutes before the girl’s got home, I thought I was having such a great day!! How does it escalate so quickly?  Yep, I’m still working on this one. I’ll let you know when I figure it out!!

CONDITIONS ARE PERFECT:  The girls always lay out their clothes the night before, to help with our mornings, and some weeks, I would bet money that there is a cranky pants conspiracy!!  The week catches up with the girls too.  They put in long hrs at school, trying to be quiet and focused, with very little down time, they are over stimulated and ready for a serious nap, although they would NEVER say so!  So, instead, they put on their cranky pants, or a cranky hazmat suit, and go ballistic with tantrums, whining, and downright not niceness.  I’m cranky.  They’re cranky.  Conditions are perfect for total mayhem.  It’s not pretty.

STING LIKE A BUTTERFLY PUNCH LIKE A FLEA (compliments of Si Robertson): Since I have been secretly stalking our nuances and triggers for meltdowns in the home, I’ve come to realize that Wednesday is the prime day for cranky pants.  Knowing where our meltdowns stem from, in our household, has been a huge help.  Having my daughter remind me, in the heat of a moment last week, that the day was Wednesday and that’s the reason G2 and I were arguing, was quite the eye opener!!  Yes, we are all aware, and truth be told, when we stop to think about what day it is that we are having our crankies, it’s usually on a Wednesday.  We are now implementing strategies to overcome and punch Wednesday in the face!! We will prevail. Muah ha ha ha ha!!!

I’m only going to hit snooze 7 times instead of 13.
I’m going to do better at grocery shopping…Nah, at least they aren’t starving!!  🙂
And there will be more breathing, playing, creative free time, praying and hopefully a lot less twitching!!!


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