eggo dessert: owl ice cream

It’s day 3 for Chief Waffle Officer week!!  Eggo teamed up with Breyers, and wanted to see what we could come up with.  So, since I adore owls and big eyes, I whipped up a fun owl (or bird) in a delicious chocolate chip waffle nest!!  YES PLEASE!!!

I must say that my girls will be very disappointed when they see all the recipes I’ve whipped up!  They are at their grandparent’s house this week!  Oh well.  My in-laws are wonderful at spoiling my girls, so, they’ll be fine.  Maybe I’ll save them some ice-cream!!  Operative word: maybe!!

owl ice cream

eggo waffle owl ice cream

Naawwww, hims so cute.

Perfect for a spring/summer treat!!

Owl Ice Cream Waffle
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  1. Eggo chocolate chip waffle
  2. 1 four piece Eggo mini waffle
  3. Breyers ice cream
  4. cool whip
  5. M&M's
  1. Toast waffles per directions on the package. Gently press a small bowl into the chocolate chip waffle to create desired nest form. Scoop out a generous amount of Breyers ice cream, and place in the center of the nest. Separate mini waffles, leaving 2 intact. Put a small dollop of cool whip in the center of the 2 intact mini waffles. Press M&M's into the cool whip for eyes. Gently press "eyes" into the ice cream. Use an orange M&M for the beak. Slice the remaining mini waffles into small pieces. Use for feathers on top of head. Enjoy!
  1. I used Breyers Blast! OREO cookies & cream chocolate. So yum!!
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