eggo giveaway {{now closed}}


Eggo has generously provided me with a giveaway for one of you!!!



Eggo Expand-O Waffle Holder
Eggo Warm Nā€™ Pour Syrup Container
Waffle Tote bag
Eggo Recipes


how to enter:

Just comment below!

::A winner will be randomly selected on April 8.::


You may only enter once.

For rules and regulations, go HERE.


Don’t forget to LIKE Eggo’s Facebook for more Eggo fun!!



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  • At 2013.04.02 14:03, Amanda said:

    Eggo waffles are yummy! šŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!

    • At 2013.04.02 14:42, Heather said:

      My son LOVES EGGO waffles. He would eat them for every meal with peanut butter and syrup if I let him. šŸ™‚

      • At 2013.04.02 21:20, Kristie said:

        Eggo waffles are so easy for an on the go mommy to be like myself. Love them.

        • At 2013.04.03 10:37, beatriz said:

          i love their new natural eggos!

          • At 2013.04.04 08:20, latanya said:

            I love Eggo Waffles!

            • At 2013.04.04 19:19, Jessica said:

              Yum! We love eggo’s in our house.

              • At 2013.04.04 19:31, GrmaSandy said:

                I love all your littlenummie Eggo designs.

                • At 2013.04.04 22:44, D SCHMIDT said:

                  Thanks for the chance, we love all the varieties but my personal favorite is the Buttermilk

                  • At 2013.04.05 12:39, Jennie Brown said:

                    Woohoo! This is awesome. Love Eggos!

                    • At 2013.04.05 19:53, Summer Strickland said:

                      your designs are the bomb šŸ™‚

                      • At 2013.04.05 20:48, Lynette said:

                        My boys like them with waffles and peanut butter… I only eat them with real butter! Can’t wait to try your recipes!! šŸ™‚

                        • At 2013.04.06 05:43, CTallmage said:

                          Your a wonderful Eggo Nummies creator! Keep up the wonderful creations! šŸ™‚

                          • At 2013.04.09 06:52, Kellie said:

                            YOU WON THE EGGO GIVEAWAY!!! (via random number generator)

                          • At 2013.04.06 11:32, Amy Chinn said:

                            I haven’t eaten or fixed Eggo waffles or products in a long time but your creative examples make me want to add them to our grocery list and give a couple a try! Yum!!

                            • At 2013.04.06 13:31, Danielle T said:

                              i do love me some eggo waffles!

                              • At 2013.04.06 14:51, Vera K said:

                                We love Eggos! So easy and yummy.

                                • At 2013.04.07 10:38, Margot C said:

                                  We absolutely love the buttermilk Eggos

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