eggo waffle off: breakfast beaver

It’s day 4 as Chief Waffle Officer!
I hope you are getting inspired to create your own fun recipe for The Great Waffle Off contest!!

Wafflers are perfect for a beaver tail, so I whipped up a simple breakfast that your littles will love!!!  Complete with his stack of bacon logs for his home!!  And we all know that bacon makes every meal better!!

eggo breakfast beaver

eggo waffle beaver breakfast
He looks too cute to cause so much mayhem!

Maybe this is a beaver the Robertson bunch will be happy, happy, happy with!!
{They blew up some dams in one episode! Yikes!!}

Eggo Breakfast Beaver
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  1. 1 Eggo Pancake
  2. 1 Eggo Wafflers
  3. bacon
  4. 2 blueberries
  5. slice of banana
  1. Cook bacon according to directions on package. Once bacon is cooked, toast pancake and wafflers per directions on the package. Once toasted, pull the waffler apart. Set one half aside for the tail. Cut one end off the other half, and cut in half, for the ears. Cut the remaining wafflers half into six pieces. Four for the feet, one underneath the body and one to prop up the tail. Cut a blueberry in half for the eyes. Use other blueberry for the nose. Cut the banana slice in half and use for teeth. Arrange on a plate and enjoy!!
  1. I used Eggo Wafflers Brown Sugar Cinnamon Roll.
Little Nummies

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 Disclaimer: Eggo is compensating me for the ideas and ingredients used in all of my recipes.


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