eggo waffle off: creamy blueberry crepes

It’s Chief Waffle Officer day 5!  There are so many great waffle ideas out there!  Here’s another snack you can try.  If you like cannolis, or crepes, this recipe is for you!!  Combine cream cheese, greek yogurt, a dash of powdered sugar, and of course, Eggo Drizzlers, for this delicious treat!!  So simple.  So yum.

creamy blueberry eggo crepes

Eggo waffle blueberry crepes

Objects in photo are as yummy as they appear!!

Even my hubby liked this one!!

Creamy Blueberry Eggo Crepes
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  1. 2 Eggo Blueberry Drizzlers
  2. 1/4 c. cream cheese
  3. 1 tube blueberry Choboni greek yogurt
  4. powdered sugar
  5. blueberries
  1. Mix together cream cheese and yogurt until smooth and creamy. Add a dash, or seven, of powdered sugar until desired sweetness. Toast Drizzlers according to directions on package. Warm topping packet according to directions on package. Place toasted waffles on a flat surface. Gently flatten each waffle using a rolling pin, or bottle. Place a tablespoon-ish of the cream mixture into the center of each flattened waffle. Fold one end into the center. Fold the other end, using a dab of the mixture to "glue" it into place. Repeat. Place each waffle on plate. Drizzle the topping on top of the waffle crepes. Add fresh blueberries for garnish and extra yumminess. Sprinkle powdered sugar on top for more fantasticness. Serve warm.
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 Disclaimer: Eggo is compensating me for the ideas and ingredients used in all of my recipes.

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