eggo waffle off: lion pancake & eggs

I’m a Chief Waffle Officer (CWO) for Eggo this entire week!  Kinda cool.  I will be posting a new recipe every single day, for 7 days, using Eggo products, to help inspire you to create your own recipe for The Great Waffle Off!!

First up is an adorable lion.  Scrambled eggs and pancakes never looked so cute!!  A simple breakfast is only a whim away. A whim away. A whim away…

lion pancake & eggs

eggo lion pancake
~ Eggo Pancakes ~ ~Eggo Mini Pancake ~ Eggs ~ Banana ~ Grape ~
~ Almond slices ~ Apple ~


Eggo Lion Pancake & Eggs
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  1. 2 eggs (scrambled)
  2. 2 Eggo pancakes
  3. 1 Eggo mini pancake
  4. apple
  5. grape
  6. almond slices
  7. banana
  1. Scramble 2 eggs to your liking. Follow the directions on the Eggo package for 2 pancakes. Follow the directions on the Eggo package for 1 mini pancake. Place one pancake in the center of the plate. Cut the mini pancake in half for the ears. Cut a slice of banana in half for the inner part of the ears. Use a sharp knife to round the other pancake almost in half for the mouth. Cut a grape in half for the nose. Add a sliver of grape for the line below the nose. Use a sharp knife to cut a large apple slice for the mouth. Cut the teeth by hand, out of 2 more apple slices, using a sharp knife. Put almond slices in place for the eyes. Arrange scrambles eggs around the lion head for the mane. Serve warm and enjoy!
Little Nummies


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So, check back with me!!!


Disclaimer: Eggo is compensating me for the ideas and ingredients used in all of my recipes.

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