eggo waffle off: paw print ice cream sandwich

It’s day 7, and the last day of Chief Waffle Officer week!!  It’s been fun trying to think outside the box, and come up with fun, original ideas for Eggo.  I hope you have been inspired to be creative with your own waffles, and possibly enter your very own recipe into The Great Waffle Off contest, where you could win $5,000!!!

In honor of my youngest daughter’s Birthday, which happens to be today, I whipped up a simple fun paw print treat.  For the last several years she has wanted only puppy related presents for Birthdays and Christmas!  If it has anything to do with a puppy, she’s ecstatic, regardless of what it is!!  Well, these ice cream sandwiches are in place of her regular Birthday cake this year.  She approves and is in heaven!!  I may or may not have let her eat them for breakfast!!!

Paw Print Eggo Ice Cream Sandwiches

paw print eggo ice cream sandwiches
Simple.  Delicious.  Adorable.

Paw Print Eggo Ice Cream Sandwiches
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  1. Eggo Minis
  2. Breyers ice cream
  3. cool whip
  4. kisses
  5. chocolate chips
  1. Toast Eggo Minis according to directions on package. Gently separate each waffle. Divide in half. Put a dollop of cool whip on half of the waffles. Cut the tips off of the kisses and put in place on cool whip. Put chocolate chips in place as shown. Place each paw print waffle on a plate and into the fridge. Put a plate in the freezer. Place a spoonful of ice cream on each remaining waffle, for bottom part of the sandwich, and place each one on the plate in the freezer. Keep in fridge/freezer until time to serve. Simply place the paw print waffle on top of the ice cream waffle and serve.
  1. I used Breyers Blast! Girl Scouts Thin Mint.
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