fave candy: haribo gummi bears

Disclaimer: No, I’m not writing a paid review on Haribo candy, although I wouldn’t mind the opportunity, it’s just my favorite candy, (not to be confused with chocolate, which is it’s own food group), and I wanted to write about it…so, there.


Haribo was founded by a German fellow, named Hans Riegel.  He invented the beloved gummi bear candy in 1922, and called them The Dancing Bear, after real live trained bears he saw in fairs, which is extremely delightful.  Who doesn’t like being entertained by a trained bear??  Adorable.

Did you know that Haribo is an acrynom for: Hans Riegel, Bonn?
See what he did there??

gummi bears

A few years ago, (no, i’m not telling you just how many), my dad was stationed in Germany, and, while I was in college, I flew out every summer and Christmas to visit. On one of my visits to Germany, we visited one of the five Haribo factories they have there, and I’ve been hooked every since.  The quality and flavor can’t be beat by any other company.  Trust me, I’ve tried them all!!!

I’m not sure if you are like me, but I have a favorite colored gummi bear. No, it’s not the red one, which would be a popular one for many, it’s the clear one, which happens to be pineapple!! Yum!!  

Do you know what the green one is??
If you said apple, lime, kiwi, or any other green fruit, you would be wrong!!
It’s not even watermelon.

Here’s a chart to show you that I’m not making this up:

gummi bears

See, told you!!

Other fun things about gummi bears:


gummy bear hoodie



gummy bear knuckle ring

 Knuckle Ring!!


gummy bear chandelier Ooo…pretty!!

And, of course, THIS:

vodka gummy bears


And then there’s the infamous Gummy Bear Song…which I’m thankful my girls haven’t asked me to play in a few years.  The song gets old very, very quickly!!  If you aren’t familiar with it, or if you are in need of an upbeat song that will quickly turn into an ear worm…

You’re welcome!!!

In doing my research for this post, I stumbled upon:
21 Things Every Gummy Bear Lover Should Know


Have a gummy-riffic day!!!


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