kitchen confessions: lowered expectations

setting the barWhy is there so much pressure to look, act, dress, parent, eat, speak, housekeep, and just be a certain way?  And who is the jerk who set the bar so high??  They need to be roundhouse kicked in the face, punched in the throat and taken out at the knees. Yeah, might be a bit much, but you get the point.

Regardless if you wear stretchy pants, or dress to the nines, feed your kids homemade meals, or plugging in the toaster is about as homemade as it gets, have a spotless home, or a convenient pathway, are always patient with your darling children, or end up apologizing to them for the upteenth time for yelling your head off, are completely organized, or feel completely lost, have a five year plan, or find it impossible to think five minutes ahead, always know what to say at any given moment, or stumble over your words like a three year old and celebrate any word coming out of your mouth that has more than two syllables, you get a full nights sleep, or sleep 15 minutes every other hr and let Disney Jr babysit for a few so you can take a nap, bring a casserole that has been simmering for 18 hrs in the crockpot to the potluck, or swing by Costco and pick up a rotisserie chicken (which is delicious), we are all just trying to make it through the day, the best way we can. Please, for the love of all that is logical and rational, remove the imaginary bar of expectations and throw it into the pit of hell from whence it came. For real. It’s okay. Stop trying to pole vault over it and just remove it all together. The bar was set by an idiot anyway. I give you permission to take the pressure of perfection off of your shoulders and just breathe!!! Doesn’t that feel glorious??

When my girls were babies, I had three under the age of three, my hubby would call from work and simply ask: “Is everyone still breathing?”

So, I implore you:

If everyone under your care, including yourself, is still breathing, then, my friends, it’s a good day!!!

A good day indeed!!!

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  • At 2013.10.15 08:22, beth wild said:

    hear hear!

    • At 2013.10.15 08:23, beth wild said:

      i think if i had been a young mother now, with all of this pressure, i might have had a nervous breakdown! thank goodness there was no pinterest or blogs when i was raising my daughters!

      • At 2013.10.15 13:34, Kellie said:

        The pressure is great. And it makes me so sad. With all the social media outlets, and people usually only posting their “best”, it makes it unrealistic to keep up and can make us feel even worse about ourselves, and our lives. My inner voice is harsh enough without having added input!!! 🙂 And YIKES with raising girls to come out unscathed from worldly expectations. My oldest is 10…does it get easier??

      • At 2013.10.15 17:40, Mindy said:


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