Family Fun Magazine

November’s Family Fun magazine is definitely on a shelf, in a store, near you!! If you subscribe to Family Fun, then you probably received your copy already, just like I did!!

family fun magazine

Flip through it and take a peek at the Treat of the Month!

pumpkin pie fox

Family Fun used my Pumpkin Pie Fox idea!!  I can honestly say, this one is cuter than the original.  Sometimes, my foodies are too simple.  But that’s okay!!  At least it inspired them for this month’s treat of the month!!  And they gave me credit, which is pretty rad!!

What does the fox say?

He says: “Go get your Family Fun issue!!”




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  • At 2013.11.21 07:45, Cindy deRosier said:

    Congratulations! That is awesome!

    • At 2013.11.22 08:10, Kellie said:

      Thank you!! It is quite an honor!!

    • At 2013.11.22 07:32, Tavette said:

      Congratulations for the post in Family Fun – one of my favorite magazines for years because they choose the best of the best. Tag – you’re “it” this month. Well deserved.

      Of course their photograph looks a little more professional. But….their photographer is probably paid a bit more than you – right? HAHAHA Their photo has been enhanced to make the pie look brown so it looks more realistic for a fox. Pumpkin pie, in reality, is orange and there are beautiful orangy/reddish foxes so ….. all is well.

      Bottom line – the fox idea was created by you and it’s wonderful. We’re perfectly happy with your photography so know that and be happy that you have so many followers who can’t wait to see what you’ve dreamed up next.

      • At 2013.11.22 08:11, Kellie said:

        How sweet are you?!? Thank you for your kind words!! Made my day and encourages me to continue doing what I’m doing!!!!

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