Holiday Inspiration: Gummy Bracelets

My daughters love candy, about as much as they love accessories.  So, when it comes to candy jewelry, they are like moths to a flame, which is why we decided to create our own festive candy bracelets.  Not only are they festive, they are super simple to make, not to mention, oh, so tasty!!  The gummies are incredibly sticky, so you may want to have a wet washcloth on hand to clean the needles as you go.  I must say, besides quality hangout time with my girls, the best part would be the tiny sugar crystals on the outside of the candy.  It looks like glitter and shimmers so fantastically!!  Yep, moth to a flame.

SweeTarts Gummy Bracelets
Holiday Inspiration: Gummy Bracelets


For fun how-to pics and full instructions,
head over to Nestle’s Simply Celebrate!!



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