Kids Christmas Breakfast: Reindeer Bagel

Tis the Christmas season, where kids are overly excited about a visit from Santa, elves are showing up on your shelves doing silly things, and reindeer crafts are coming home from school. This crafty reindeer will bring joy to the most important meal, or snack, of the day. Both of the cream cheeses used for this bagel, are Target brand, brown sugar cinnamon, and mixed berry. They are delicious!!

reindeer bagel

reindeer bagelSuper cute and simple!!


What You’ll Need:
brown sugar cinnamon cream cheese
mixed berry cream cheese
mini chocolate chips 


To Make Reindeer Bagel:

Spread brown sugar cinnamon cream cheese on one half of the bagel. Cut antler pieces and an oval out of the other half of the bagel.  Spread mixed berry cream cheese on the oval piece and put in place for the nose.  Press the antler pieces into place.  Add mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  Enjoy.


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