Cozy Kids Dinner: Chili Cheese Kitty

The Polar Vortex is bringing some snow today, which I am super excited about!!  Since I’m antsy waiting for my girls to get home from school, so we can snuggle in for a snow day, I decided I should be productive and whip up a fun new cozy dinner!!

Chili Cheese Kitty

Cozy Dinner: Chili Cheese Kitty

So adorably cozy and absolutely puuurrfect for a winter night!!


What you need:

To make Chili Cheese Kitty:
Use a lid from a sprinkle container to cut out small circles of white cheese.  Use a cup to cut out the mouth shape from cheddar cheese. Using a sharp knife, cut ear shapes out of cheddar cheese and slices out of white cheese.  Ladle some chili into a bowl, reserving 2 black beans and a kidney bean.  Arrange cheese on chili as shown. Put black beans in place for the eyes, and the kidney bean in place for the nose.  Voila!  Serve warm.


For more Chili Cheese fun: CLICK HERE

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  • At 2014.01.29 02:08, Tavette said:

    Real simple and oh so cute. Great tips re using what you already have – a lid and a coffee cup to make the circles. Thanks.

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