fun kids lunch: cozy winter sandwich

This winter has brought some of you unbelievable snowfall, fallen temps, and has actually broken a record, here in Charlotte, NC, for the coldest morning in 130 years!  Yes, 130!!  Crazy!  Since most of us, sans Florida, are enduring below freezing temps, I thought a bundled up, cozy snack was in order!!

cozy winter sandwich

kids lunch: cozy winter sandwich

Yup, looking cute all bundled up in an animal hat and scarf!!


What You’ll Need:
hamburger bun
crackers (peanut butter optional)
oyster cracker

How to make cozy winter sandwich:
Make a ham and cheese sandwich using the hamburger bun. Cut a small section out of the top bun for the hat. Put (peanut butter) crackers in place for the ears, and an oyster cracker for the nose. Slice raisin and use as eyes for the bear and the child. Use a straw to cut out small circles out of ham for the cheeks.  Cut a small strip of ham for the smile. Slice apple into chunks and arrange for scarf. Cut thin triangles out of the ends for fraying look.




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