Fun Winter Recipe: Chili Cheese Snowman

Let the winter festivities begin!!  Snowmen, ice-skating, hot cocoa, warm fires, and of course, warm hearty meals that will fill you up and warm your heart and soul.  Chili is a staple in my home during these cold months.  We have chili with corn chips and cheese the first night and then use whatever is leftover for chili cheese quesadillas, with sour cream on the side, another night that week! Cheap, easy meals are my go to, especially on school nights!!!

Chili Cheese Snowman

chili cheese snowman #funfood
Hearty, simple, and deliciously cozy!!


What you need:

To make Chili Cheese Snowman:
Use different lids (spices, sprinkles), shot glasses, or whatever you may have, to cut three different size circles out of white cheese.  Use a straw to cut a bunch of little circles out of the white cheese for the snowflakes.  Using a sharp knife cut a scarf shape and a nose out of cheddar cheese.  Ladle up a bowl of  hot chili and pull out 2 black beans, or the darkest beans your chili has, and set aside. Arrange cheese on top of chili to create the snowman and snowflakes. Cut one of the beans in half for the buttons, and then cut pieces of the other bean for the eyes. Serve and enjoy!!


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