response to an open letter about kid lunches

I recently got a pingback from a link in a blog post on Suburban Turmoil called: An Open Letter To My Kids About Their Lunches.  Even though the author, Lindsay, is in fact, ridiculing crafty lunches, I found it on point and hilariously written. As shocking as it might seem, I completely agree with most of her well written post.  Moms are super busy with the everyday mumbo jumbo, adding the stress of trying to execute a crafty lunch is beyond imaginable!!  I get it. I really do.


open letter to my kids about their lunches ~~~

Yes, I made the Squirrel sandwich.  And I do think carrots and grapes go well together.  But everyone’s tastebuds are different!!

To be honest, I pack lunches every day for my girls, but I almost NEVER create something cute. GASP!! It’s true. I have very little time or patience to create something adorable everyday! Maybe if I only had to make 1 lunch, but 3 lunches? I don’t think so!! This gal likes her sleep and I whip up what I can within a 30 min span every morning. If my creative switch gets flipped on and I whip up something, the girls will eat it when they get home from school.  This whole eating fun foods every day is an illusion, at least in my home..and I would venture to say, in most homes.  Although, I would much rather create a fun meal, than organize a closet or train for a triathlon.

Back to the letter, most of the pics in Lindsay’s post are bento lunches with seaweed wraps and cute little cut outs, and I will NEVER make a bento, as mentioned in my About page.

I agree with her on these bentos:

open letter to my kids about their lunch 

open letter to my kids about their lunches~~~

Both of these are artistically lovely, but in fact, über time consuming to create, not to mention completely inedible, at least in my household.  These bentos do not inspire me in the least.
No, no they don’t.

 I laughed throughout the whole post and felt pride when I saw, not 1, but 2 of my nummies inculded in her post!!

open letter to my kids about their lunches~~~

Yup, that’s my Hot Dog Canoe!!

Being able to laugh and feel pride whilst reading her letter, might seem a bit weird to some folks, but honestly, I don’t feel like I was being attacked, or put down for creating fun lunches.  Seriously people, it’s a grand world out there, with loads of various opinions, and it’s okay!  We are all just trying to do this life thing the best way we know how, and everyone has their own way to stay sane and keep moving forward.  Having a creative outlet is my therapy.  And wine.  But mostly the creative thing.

Just because your outlet is different than mine doesn’t make me less than, or you less than.  We are all in this thing together!!  Hello village.


Thanks Lindsay for including me in your post!!

View her post: HERE

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  • At 2014.01.24 21:01, Lindsay said:

    Thank YOU for sharing in the fun! Your hotdog lifeboat has been getting lots of compliments, by the way. And yeah, the post was inspired simply by the continued hilarity of seeing HUNDREDS of photos of this stuff in my Pinterest feed, certainly not by the fact that moms enjoy doing this for their children from time to time. In fact, kettle… meet pot.


    • At 2014.01.25 07:32, Kellie said:

      Haha!! Love the bookworms!!! And again, I agree, there are hundreds upon hundreds of lunches out there. Seems like everyone is doing this fun food thing now, which wasn’t the case when I first started 6 years ago. Thanks again for posting your letter and including my nummies, gave me something to laugh and write about!! 🙂

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