cozy winter dinner: chili cheese penguin

A winter storm is on it’s way, and for the first time, I’m actually prepared!  Let the hibernating commence.  Whilst we wait for the snow to arrive in a few hrs, here’s a fun, cozy, hear-warming, comfort food perfect for cold snowy days!

Chili Cheese Penguin

cozy winter dinner: chili penguin #littlenummies

Naawwwww…hims so cute!!!


What you Need:

To Make Chili Cheese Penguin:
Use a lid from a sprinkle container, or a shot glass, to cut out small circles of white cheese for the eyes. Use a large cup to cut out a large circle of white cheese for the belly. Using a sharp knife, cut a beak and feet shapes out of cheddar cheese. Ladle hot chili into a bowl, reserving two beans. Arrange cheese on top of chili as shown.  Put reserved beans in place for the eyes.


Want to see more Chili Cheese fun?

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