Kitchen Confessions: Marriage 101

Maintaining a healthy marriage is a lot of work. No one is perfect, including yourself. The only person you can change is YOU. When there are two imperfect people trying to make a marriage work, it’s only natural to be frustrated with your spouse at times. There will be days when you would rather punch your hubby in the throat, than hug him, and it’s okay, but you shouldn’t punch him, or dwell on it for very long, because it can become toxic for your marriage.  Here’s a little thing I do to help snap myself out of focussing on all the negative things about my hubby:

Love Notebook

Marriage 101: Love Notebook

{Yes, it’s my actual notebook.}
{Oh, this works for both husbands and wives.}


1: Get a notebook (Size doesn’t matter.) 

2: Write down things you love about your hubby. (Works best if you do this on a day when you actually like him.) It can range from the simplest things, to the gushiest, inside jokes, or whatever it is that you can truly say you love him for. {I only posted pics of safe things…most of mine are personal; spiritually, emotionally, and yes, physically!!}

3. Try to write in it once a week.

4: Pull the notebook out when you are focussing too much on the negative aspects of your hubby.

5: Review all the reasons why you love him.

6: Breathe deeply and exhale the agitation.

7: Give it to your hubby as a gift. (Perfect for Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any day actually…but once you give it to  him, make sure it’s put in a place where you can access it.)

Marriage 101: Love Notebook

I started a notebook 5 years ago and pull it out every now and again to remind myself just how wonderful my hubby is, even if he isn’t being wonderful at the moment. It really helps put things back into perspective.  Frustrating days are just moments in time, not the whole picture.  When I step back and look at the bigger picture as a whole, it helps keep me grounded, and realize why we got married in the first place!! Plus having to sit and really think about what I love about him, so I can write it down, I started to notice all the little things I tend to take for granted.

P.S. My hubby actually cried when he read the Love Notebook.  It’s true.

{I should really start one for each of my girls….we are heading into the teen years, which I’m told can be über frustrating!}

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