Simple Lunch: Dino Quesadilla

Simplicity is key when it comes to creating fun meals for my kids.  If it takes me forever to create something, I usually just scrap the idea and it never makes it on here, because I want you to be inspired, if it’s complicated, no one will want to recreate it.  One can appreciate the artistic nature of said foodie, but if it isn’t duplicable, it’s not going to make it’s debut on my site!  That being said, here is a super simple quesadilla that anyone can whip up!


Simple Lunch: Dino Quesadilla.rawr.

What You Need:
spinach tortillas
shredded cheese
white cheese
fruit snacks

To Make Dino Quesadilla:
Using both tortillas and the shredded cheese, make a quesadilla. Using a sharp knife, cut a dinosaur shape out of the quesadilla. Cut a small triangle out for the mouth.  Cut two rectangles for the legs.  Cut small triangle pieces out of the white cheese for the teeth and a small circle for the eye.  Put pea in place for the pupil.  Arrange fruit snacks down the back for the plates/spikes.  Arrange and enjoy!


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