Spring Snack: Flower Sandwich

It’s Springtime!  Which brings blooming trees, lovely flowers, bees, and also the ever delightful film of yellow pollen everywhere, and in some states, you need a leaf blower and a hazmat suit, if you have allergies, to clean it all up.  It’s ridiculous.  Even though I have really bad allergies, I can still appreciate the beauty and feel the hope of new life and new beginnings that Spring brings with it.

Here’s a simple healthy flower sammy you can whip up for your littles,
and bring a little springtime inside.

Flower Sandwich

Spring Snack: Flower Sandwich #littlenummies #funfood
So pretty.  So healthy.  So simple.


What you Need:
cherry tomato
green beans
snap peas

To Make Flower Sandwich:
Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut a heart out of two slices of bread and cheese.  Cut each heart in half. Spread whatever condiments you would like on each slice of bread.  Arrange bread one plate. Place cheese on top of bread.  Fold up slices of ham, or lunch meat, and place on top of cheese.  Put the cherry tomato in the center of the flower.  Arrange green beans and snap peas for the stem and leaves.



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  • At 2014.04.23 20:12, Mindy said:

    I love this one. So cute!

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