Nurse Appreciation: Nurse Bagel

Nurse Appreciation Week is May 6-12.  So, today is the last day…but better late, than never!!  We all know how hard nurses work and if you’ve ever had a baby, you know how involved their jobs are.  Yikes!  Here’s a simple fun way to celebrate the nurse in your life.


Nurse Appreciation: Nurse BagelThank you for ALL you do!!


What you need:
cream cheese

How to make Nurse Bagel:
Tost bagel as desired.  Spread cream cheese on bagel.  Cut banana in half lengthways. Use curve ends for the hair. Cut another piece of banana for the bangs. Put blueberries in place for eyes. Cut a slice of apple and put in place for the mouth. Cut a chunk of apple and put in place for the hat.  Slice an ‘x’ out of apple peel and put in place on apple chunk for the cross. Serve and enjoy!


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