Healthy Summer Snack: Dragonfly

Summer brings out a plethora of fireflies, bees, mosquitos, and dragonflies, just to name a few.  My girls love catching the fireflies, or lightening bugs depending on where you are from, and the other night, a dragonfly actually landed on my hand and hung out for a while!  I’m not a fan of the mosquitos, because I get eaten alive, but I’m a super fan of the lightening bugs and dragonflies!!  Here’s a fun, simple, and healthy snack, perfect for a summer day.

Dragonfly Snack

Healthy Summer Snack: Dragonfly

So deliciously simple!!

What you need:
pretzel rod

How to make Dragonfly Snack:
Peel the orange and cut apple into slices. Arrange pretzel rod, and fruit as shown.  Cut two small pieces of apple for the antenna and put in place with two blueberries to complete the dragonfly.

Happy Summer!

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