Summer Lunch: Boombox Sandwich

It’s SUMMER!!!  Even though my girls have a few more days of school left, we are hanging out at the pool, drinking iced coffee/tea, and having a dance parties.  Music is a big deal to us! We laugh, cry, dance, and sing to all types of music in our home.  There are songs which have inspired family inside jokes, songs that bring forth memories, and songs that just make us want to dance!  Here’s a fun way to bring a little beat to your lunchtime.


Summer Lunch: Boombox SandwichThere aren’t any veggies in this lunch, but:
“Lettuce turnip the beet.”


What you need:
fruit leather/snacks

How to make Boombox Sandwich:
Cut top of the sandwich off.  Using the rounded crust for the handle of the boom box.  Use peanut/cashew butter for the glue to hold it in place.  “Glue” crackers, and fruit leather/snacks, into place for the buttons and antenna.

Serve with loud music!!



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