Healthy Summer Snack: Apple Camper

Camping.  It’s not my favorite pastime, but we did take the family camping this summer.  In tents, not a camper. My idea of camping is letting the kids sleep in a tent in our backyard, and I sleep in my bed!! One of my sisters takes their family camping quite often and they actually invested in a camper this year. Turns camping into glamping, glamourous camping. To which I say, Three Cheers!!!  If I lived closer to them, I may be more inclined to glamp with them!! But until then, we shall settle for a glamped out snack!


Healthy Summer Snack: Apple CamperSo cheerful and fun.  Although, I didn’t add sesame seeds to imitate mosquitos, gnats, and other insects, nor did I add sunflower seeds for rain.  You can do that if you wish to create a more accurate, realistic portrayal of camping!! Haha!!

What you need:
fruit leather

How to make Apple Camper: 
Slice apple and place on plate. Cut small chunks of apple for the hitch. Cut fruit leather into shapes for the windows and door and put into place.  Add slices of celery for the grass and an olive for the wheel. Use a small vitamin lid to cut a circle out of a slice of cheese.  Cut small pieces or cheese and arrange circle and other pieces for the sun.  Cut small pieces out of the remaining fruit leather to create the suns happy face.

Happy Camping!!


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