Healthy Superhero Snack: Spiderman Watermelon

I recently received an email inquiring about all the Superhero snacks I have made.  Not only did I find quite a few that weren’t categorized properly, but I actually found this healthy snack that I never posted!!!  How crazy is that??  Better late than never I guess!  Plus it’s perfect for summer since the main ingredient is watermelon!!


Healthy Superhero Snack: Spiderman Watermelon

Perfect for a summer superhero party!!
Simplicity at it’s finest!!

What you need:
red grapes

How to make Spiderman Watermelon:
Slice watermelon and cut the rind off.  Use an oval cookie cutter, or a plastic cup squeezed in a bit to make an oval shape to cut out as many spiderman faces you need. Slice red grapes thinly and put in place for the eyes.  Arrange and enjoy!

{I just drew a simply web on blank paper and used it on a platter for effect.}


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