Fun Snack: Napping Gnome

Gnomes are ever so popular and are popping up in gardens, yards, and even in some homes!  I don’t have one, but I do think they are adorable! I whipped this guy up a few years ago for Nickelodeon, but they have since changed up their site and he was removed. *sadface* Needless to say, I wanted to give him a home here on Little Nummies where he belongs!! *happyface*

Napping Gnome

Fun Snack: Napping Gnome

Isn’t he just the cutest?

What you need:
ice cream cone
slice of cheese
string cheese

How to make Napping Gnome:

Make any sandwich you would like. Use a cup or a circle cookie cutter to cut a circle out of the sandwich. Cut skinny triangle strips out of the slice of cheese to create a beard. Cut a chunk of string cheese for the nose. Place sandwich circle on end in the middle of a plate. Place the cheese beard on the sandwich. Using the string cheese nose as a stopping point, place the cone on top of the sandwich. (You may have to use leftover crust to stuff and brace the cone to keep it from falling.) Gently break the cracker in half. Using small remnants of cheese as glue, “glue” the crackers halves on the plate for the gnome’s feet.

He’s not the most simple snack, but he’s so cute and the squeals you get from the littles, make it worth it!!  


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