Woodland Lunch: Fox Quesadilla

It’s fall and woodland animals are all the craze.  I just adore them, and they have been spilling over into my sketchy paraphernalia world…

Woodland Animals: Hedgehog and Fox  #littlenummies #mrsbigdart

I’m working on my drawing skills and having so much fun!

And now it’s spilling over into my Nummies!!


Woodland Animal: Fox Quesadilla

How cute is he?


What You Need:
cheddar cheese
mozzarella cheese

How To Make Fox Quesadilla:
Use a pizza cutter to cut the sides off of a tortilla.  Fold side pieces in half, for the ears. Sprinkle cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese on large tortilla for the face of the fox.  Add cheddar cheese to the ear pieces.  Heat and melt cheese in either a hot skillet or in the microwave for 30-45 seconds.  Cut olives in half and put in place for nose and eyes. Arrange on plate and enjoy!!


Happy fall!!

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