Woodland Owl Chili :: Perfect Fall Meal

Autumn, warm comfort food, and owls are a few of my favorite things!  It’s still in the 90’s here in NC, which is ridiculous for September, but I’m still embracing all things fall, and chili is becoming a regular here in this house!  We have chili the first night, then chili cheese quesadillas or chili cheese mac n cheese, the next night!  This meal keeps on giving, which is wonderful!! Dress up a bowl of chili and add some festivity to your mealtimes!


Woodland Owl Chili :: perfect fall meal

Simple. Cute. Yummm.

What You Need:
cheddar cheese
mozzarella cheese (or any white cheese)
corn chips
tortilla chip

To Make Owl Chili:
Use a cup/glass to cut a large circle out of a slice of cheddar cheese. Use a vitamin bottle/lid to cut two small circles out of mozzarella cheese. Ladle favorite chili into a bowl. Arrange cheese as shown. Render two beans from the chili and put on mozzarella circles for pupils. Use a corner of a tortilla chip for the beak and two corn chips for the feathers at the top.  Serve hot and enjoy!!


Want more chili ideas?!?


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