Playful Lunch: Seal Sandwich

Cuties are a favorite with kids, even fast food restaurants are incorporating them into the kids meals!  Which is awesome!!  Combine a cutie with a simple sammie and you have a healthy lunch for your kiddos!!

Playful Seal

Playful Lunch: Seal SandwichHow stinkin cute is that?!?


What you need:
chocolate chip/sprinkle

How to make Playful Seal:
Using a sharp knife, cut the shape of a seal out of the sandwich. I used a generous amount of peanut butter to help glue the sandwich in place. Arrange pieces of the crust for flippers.  Use a toothpick, and generous amounts of peanut butter, to stick the cutie in place for the seal’s ball.  If you can’t get it to stay, you can always just have it on the side for the seal to play with.


Happy Lunch!!


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