Fun Snack: Boiled Egg Goat

Goats and their delightful screaming have been making their debut on youtube and TV commercials.  I find them hilarious and actually found this fun boiled egg goat snack in my photo album from 3 years ago!! 


Fun Snack: Boiled Egg GoatHims so cute, and healthy!!!


What you need:
boiled egg
baby carrots
string cheese

How to make it:
Cut one of the ends of the boiled egg off.  Use dried spaghetti or a toothpick to stick the end of the egg in place for the head.  Cut a baby carrot in half and the tiny slits out of the ends for the feet. Place the egg on top of the carrots.  Slice another baby carrot in half diagonally for the horns.  Cut a few slices of string cheese. Shape one slice of string cheese into a beard and cut another slice in half for the ears.  Use dried spaghetti or a toothpick to stick the ears and beard in place.  Use an end of a baby carrot for the nose and black sprinkles or olive pieces for the eyes.




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