Healthy Kids’ Lunch: Tree Quesadilla


It’s been unusually warm where I live. The trees have been tricked into thinking it’s spring and are already starting to blossom, which inspired this adorable healthy-lunch idea.  Bringing the outdoors in!!  Healthy Kids’ Lunch: Tree Quesadilla Perfect for little fingers! Head over to Recipe.Com to see how to make this healthy lunch.

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Baby Shower Food: Baby Carriages

Someone asked me to come up with a baby shower snack and then decided to change the theme on me and I had to create something else for them.  My mind was already brain storming baby shower ideas, so of course I whipped one up while the idea was still in my mind! Baby Shower […]

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Fruity Kids Snack: Goldfish Cutie


Clementines add a bright, citrusy burst to the dull gray days of winter. Not only are they delicious, they’re nutritious, too — and they’re the perfect size for snacking (for kids and adults!). I always have a full box of Cuties on hand this time of year, and with so many of them in my […]

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Slow-Poke Kids Breakfast: Turtle Waffle


Kids love animals, and it amazes me how all three of my girls have chosen different animals as their favorites. My eldest has always loved elephants; she even collects them (no, not the real ones!). I just found out my middle daughter has chosen giraffes as her new favorite —  I’m pretty partial to them […]

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Valentine’s Day Kids Lunch: I Love You a Ton!


Valentine’s Day is upon us.  Can you feel the love?  Well, your littles will definitely feel the weight of love with this super adorable elephant sandwich! What’s that? It looks kind of familiar?  Ahhh, yes. I must admit that I get inspired everywhere I go. {This elephant may or may not be inspired by Target’s […]

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Valentine’s Day Kids Lunch: Bee Mine


There are so many adorable Valentine’s snacks out there, this one is no exception. Whip up this simple lunch on Valentine’s Day, and your little ones will be buzzing with excitement!! Valentine’s Day Kids Lunch: Bee Mine Make it even more special with a Valentine’s-themed place card, such as:  Let’s bee friends! Bee Mine Valentine! […]

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Valentine’s Day Treats: Somebunny Loves You Cookies


Valentine’s Day sparks romance, love, and of course chocolate!! Who doesn’t love chocolate?? If your kids are like mine, you’ll make their day with these adorable, lovable chocolate bunny cookies. Write a little Valentine note for your young darlings and tuck it under their plate for a delightful Valentine’s Day treat! Somebunny Loves You Cookies […]

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Valentine’s Kids Treat: Owl Brownie Bites


Guess whoooooo is my Valentine? These fun and whimsical owls will be a hoot as a sweet treat for the little Valentine’s in your life, or for that special someone. I served these up as an after-school snack, and they were an absolute surprise and delight! Valentine’s Kids Treat: Owl Brownie Bites We had fun […]

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Valentine’s Day Flash Back


Good gracious. It seemed like it took forever for 2012 to get here, now Valentine’s Day is upon us!  Where did the time go??  I’ve already whipped up some Valentine fun for Kellogg’s and Recipe.Com {which haven’t published yet}, but have yet to start for my own site. I do have some ideas floating around […]

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Cuddly Kids Recipe: Little Lamb Snack


Ok, so in the children’s song, it’s Mary’s little lamb that follows her to school, but it’s unlikely that this little fella would make it all in one piece in the lunchbox. No matter … if your kids are like mine, they come home from school absolutely famished! One day they each came home to […]

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Wintry Kids Lunch: “Hot Cocoa” Sandwich


Oh, the joys of hot cocoa in the winter — the steaming cup of chocolatey goodness, especially with little marshmallows! In keeping with the season, I made this super simple “hot cocoa” sandwich. I originally made it without the Fruit Roll-Ups as decoration, but when I showed it to my nephews, they said: “Ooooo, decorate […]

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SNACK FROM THE PAST: Goofy Kids Breakfast: Snow Tubing Banana


Snow. I wish it would here in the Carolinas! There are so many fun activities to do in the snow, from snowball fights to catching snowflakes on your tongue, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have enough snow for snow tubing! I loved tubing when I was younger. Bringing a bit of winter fun to the breakfast table […]

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Cute Kids Dinner Recipe: Chili Penguin


The temperature has really dropped here in the Carolinas. And thank goodness — I was starting to worry that winter was never going to arrive! With colder weather comes warm-you-up comfort food like soups and chili, which, to my joy, our family loves. I don’t know about your family, but we enjoy our piping hot chili with all […]

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Healthy Kids Breakfast: Waffle Sundae


It’s the New Year and I’m sure many of you have resolved to eat more healthy!  Most of the time my girls eat balanced meals, but on those rushed mornings, I’m so glad that there are healthy options in the convenience of a frozen whole wheat waffle!!  Delight your kids with a fun spin on […]

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Fun New Year’s Kids Lunch: Baby Dragon Sandwich


The new year is upon us. According to the Chinese calendar, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, which represents success and happiness. Now, of course the Chinese new year doesn’t begin until the middle of January, but there’s no reason not to celebrate now with this adorable New Year’s baby dragon sandwich. My girls […]

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