Nickelodeon Parents Connect


I still can’t believe I’ve made snacks for Nickelodeon Parents Connect to be posted every weekday for the month of March!!  It has really stretched my ability, creativity and made me realize that I have been lazy the last few years!! It’s true!!  If I can knock out 22 snacks in 3 weeks, then I […]

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Easter Kids Dinner: Hoppin’ Ham Bunny


I’ve got bunnies on the brain — must be because Easter is right around the corner! This simple yet festive dinner was brought to you by leftovers. I know, I know—kids hate leftovers, right? But when you present them in an irresistible way, what’s not to love? My girls got their own bunny dinner last […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Round Up


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Here are a few Little Nummies to help you celebrate!! Leprechaun Pancakes ~~~ Leprechaun O’Riley ~~~ Luck of the Irish ~~~ Find even more St. Patty’s Day Fun HERE!! ~~~~ ~ Bon Ap{petite} ~

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Nickelodeon Parents Connect


I’m still whipping up snacks for Nickelodeon Parents Connect site.  It’s been a challenge to come up with so many new snacks in such a short amount of time, but it’s been so much fun!!!  I’m not going to lie, I may have lost sleep due to my overactive brain digging up ideas and ingredients, […]

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St. Patrick’s Day: Leprechaun Hat

leprechaun hat pillsbury crescent roll

Leprechauns, shamrocks, pots of gold, rainbows, something about the Irish and all that green lucky stuff makes up St. Patrick’s Day!  The only thing I ever did as a kid to celebrat was wear green because I didn’t want to get pinched.  Now I just make sure my girls are wearing green!!  I hated getting […]

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Sneaky Kids Dinner: Where’s Waldo Pasta


Waldo and his sneaky hiding places just got a little bit more tasty! Have you spent hours pouring over those Where’s Waldo books to find the skinny adventurer in the red-and-white striped sweater? I know I have! My kids love the books, too. There’s some sort of Waldo craze going on right now (at least […]

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The Lorax Snack


Dr. Suess is a creative genius.  What an imagination!! With his birthday this month and his new movie, The Lorax in theaters, I knew I had to whip up some Dr. Suess fun!!  I haven’t made it to the theaters yet, much to the dismay of my three girls.  They want to see The Lorax […]

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Nickelodeon Parents Connect


If you follow Little Nummies on Facebook then you already know the news. If you aren’t then please become a FB fan HERE!!! I’m making snacks everyday for the month of March over at: NICKELODEON’S PARENTS CONNECT!!!!!! How exciting is that?!?!?!? Here are the first 5 snacks: NAPPING GNOME PLAYFUL SEAL DINO QUESADILLA POLICE CAR […]

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Healthy Kids’ Lunch: Tree Quesadilla


It’s been unusually warm where I live. The trees have been tricked into thinking it’s spring and are already starting to blossom, which inspired this adorable healthy-lunch idea.  Bringing the outdoors in!!  Healthy Kids’ Lunch: Tree Quesadilla Perfect for little fingers! Head over to Recipe.Com to see how to make this healthy lunch.

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Baby Shower Food: Baby Carriages

Someone asked me to come up with a baby shower snack and then decided to change the theme on me and I had to create something else for them.  My mind was already brain storming baby shower ideas, so of course I whipped one up while the idea was still in my mind! Baby Shower […]

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Fruity Kids Snack: Goldfish Cutie


Clementines add a bright, citrusy burst to the dull gray days of winter. Not only are they delicious, they’re nutritious, too — and they’re the perfect size for snacking (for kids and adults!). I always have a full box of Cuties on hand this time of year, and with so many of them in my […]

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Slow-Poke Kids Breakfast: Turtle Waffle


Kids love animals, and it amazes me how all three of my girls have chosen different animals as their favorites. My eldest has always loved elephants; she even collects them (no, not the real ones!). I just found out my middle daughter has chosen giraffes as her new favorite —  I’m pretty partial to them […]

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Valentine’s Day Kids Lunch: I Love You a Ton!


Valentine’s Day is upon us.  Can you feel the love?  Well, your littles will definitely feel the weight of love with this super adorable elephant sandwich! What’s that? It looks kind of familiar?  Ahhh, yes. I must admit that I get inspired everywhere I go. {This elephant may or may not be inspired by Target’s […]

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Valentine’s Day Kids Lunch: Bee Mine


There are so many adorable Valentine’s snacks out there, this one is no exception. Whip up this simple lunch on Valentine’s Day, and your little ones will be buzzing with excitement!! Valentine’s Day Kids Lunch: Bee Mine Make it even more special with a Valentine’s-themed place card, such as:  Let’s bee friends! Bee Mine Valentine! […]

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Valentine’s Day Treats: Somebunny Loves You Cookies


Valentine’s Day sparks romance, love, and of course chocolate!! Who doesn’t love chocolate?? If your kids are like mine, you’ll make their day with these adorable, lovable chocolate bunny cookies. Write a little Valentine note for your young darlings and tuck it under their plate for a delightful Valentine’s Day treat! Somebunny Loves You Cookies […]

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